New 3 g vial

As an alternative to 2, 3 or 4 g aluminium tubes or plastic vials we are going to introduce a new 3 g vial. The new vial is our own mould, takes our Pin Cap closure system and is with this unique. It consists of soft plastic and fits perfectly into people’s hands. Also the vial can be labelled, which allows us Private Label business.

These are the main advantages compared to tubes or already existing vials:

  • Due to labelling options there are no high minimum quantities requested
  • Label allows high flexibility in terms of sales
  • The vial is soft and easy to squeeze
  • The vial allows a suck back effect which guarantees a clean and efficient application (Drip Proof)
  • The Pin cap allows immediate usage after unscrewing the top cap (you do not have to cut the nozzle open)
  • The Pin Cap also keeps the nozzle free (Clop Proof)
  • The whole package can be reliably closed and sealed after using


Cyberbond will introduce Powerdrop®2605 as a standard package. The shelf life will be 1 year at room temperature.

The Powerdrop® vial will come in a package of 20 or loosely packed. We intend also to launch a blister card