LINOP BoosterPack 13 A


Essentially, the LINOP BoosterPack is based of two parts:

  • Amplifier
  • Router

The LINOP BoosterPack enhances the output of the LINOP U 500 unit. It provides 13 A and has several exits for LINOP Cyberlite 50 S or LINOP CyberFlood 255 S LED lamps. There are in maximum 6 exits. The number of added lamps is also determined by the power consumption of each lamp.

In case the LINOP U 500/450 control unit is linked with the BoosterPack, the power supply is given by the BoosterPack. You don’t need any additional power supply for the control unit.

The LINOP BoosterPack is equipped with an on/off switch so that all linked equipment can be controlled from here.

The whole system is primary and secondary secured. It will realise if there is some excess current in the whole system or in single channels. If yes, e.g., the affected channel will be switched off and a red LED light indicates which channel is involved. When the problem is solved, the whole system is working again after a restart.


Technical Data LINOP BoosterPack 13 A

Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz Kaltgerätekabel
Safety Class: 1
Type of protection: IP 21
Measurements (width, height, depth): 325 x 90 x 110
Housing material: Steel (1mm)
Safety fuse primary: 4 A (time lag)
Intelli-Fuse secundary all: 15 A (10 ms)
Intelli-Fuse secundary per channel: 3 A (10 ms)
Power Input: 20 W without UV-LEDs
max. 300 W all
max. 72 W pro UV-LED
max. 25 W at control unit access
Weight: 3350 g
Working Temperature: – 25°C to 60°C

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