Cyberbond Dosing Tips for Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

For some applications the standard nozzle is not really optimal. This is especially the case, when just a very small amount of glue has to be applied. For this reason we offer Dosing Tips which are just put onto the nozzle of the CA bottle. After usage you keep the Dosing Tip on the nozzle so that the very top can polymerise. Then the bottle is “closed”. When you want to use the CA again, just cut off the polymerised top and start to apply.

We offer 2 sizes:

  • LINOP DT “s“ for small (Diameter: 0,5 mm, length: 41,6 mm),
  • LINOP DT “m“ for medium (Diameter: 1,0 mm, length: 41,6 mm).


The Dosing Tips are yellow/transparent and are offered in the following way:

  • 10 in a plastic bag,
  • 100 in a plastic pot,
  • 1.000 in a bag.