Cyberbond Cosmetic Extension Line

As the first and probably also as the only manufacturer we produce our Cyberbond Cosmetic Extension Line of various products according to the actual European Cosmetic Directive 1223/2009.

The resonance is very positive, because responsible minded people were and are happy to get the chance offering adhesives which fulfil highest cosmetic standards.

Setting Time:
The products CB 105, CB 103, CB 102, CB 210 and CB 505 are much quicker than in the past.

One of the most important advantages of our products is that we add a very special kind of Polyurethane. Due to this you achieve a much better aging performance of the adhesion itself especially under difficult environmental conditions. But caution: the thinner we formulate a product, the quicker it will polymerise, but the more you are going to lose in terms of aging performance.

Shake before Use:
You can see easily that the adhesive separates clearly in dependence of the viscosity. The thinner the adhesive, the more separation can be realised. This has to be seen as a typical attribute to the great aging performance of these products and cannot be avoided.

To our mind CB 105 gives you the best compromise.

I. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives – Cosmetic Approved

1. Eyelash Extension

Ethylester based – CB 100 series black

  • CB 110 (about 2,000 mPa*s; thick; black; standard setting)
  • CB 108 (about 800 mPa*s; medium; black; normal setting)
  • CB 105 (about 300 mPa*s; medium; black; fast setting)
  • CB 103 (ca. 100 mPa*s; medium; black; fast setting)
  • CB 102 (ca. 70 mPa*s; medium; black; very fast setting)

This CB 100 series will be the top seller of the range. Ethylester based Cyanoacrylates are known as powerful bonding, long lasting adhesives. Depending on the environmental conditions there is a little disadvantage in terms of the odour which may cause some temporary irritation while the bonding process. When the adhesive is polymerised there shouldn’t be any further irritation problem.

b) Alkoxy – CB 500 series black

  • CB 510 (about 2,000 mPa*s; thick; black; normal setting)
  • CB 505 (about 500 mPa*s; medium; black; fast setting)

These products are made for those people who do have problems with the odour and irritation potential of the Ethylester based products. This series is almost odourless. Therefore the bonding performance is a little less than the one of the CB 100 series.

2. Eyebrow Extension

a) Octylester based – CB 800

  • CB 800 (about 5 mPa*s; very thin; rose) is a so called Octylester
  • Octylester based products are used in the surgical industry to bond skin. There takes no heavy exothermic reaction place, the CA can be applied directly on the skin of e.g. people who suffer from a chemo treatment. CB 800 forms a flexible layer. Later brows are bonded onto the layer (e.g. with CB 210) or you can also bond the brows directly into the still wet CA during the polymerisation process.
  • CB 800 is not sterilised and shouldn’t be used on wounds etc.

b) Ethylester based – CB 200 Serie Pink

  • CB 200 series pink for Eyebrow Extension
  • CB 210 (about 500 mPa*s; medium; fast setting; pink)

The CB 200 series is specially made for eyebrow extension. The colour is slightly pink. Once polymerised the pink colour cannot be seen anymore, but the cured adhesive does not reflect light in the same interfering way as a pure colourless product would do it.


3. General Information

a) Label:
Cyberbond lists all ingredients; nevertheless we strongly recommend to mention the typical Cyanoacrylate Warning and Precaution Sentences plus the Warning Symbol with the exclamation mark as well.

b) Hydroquinone:
All these mentioned cosmetic approved Cyanoacrylates are free of Hydroquinone.

c) Formaldehyde:
There is always the discussion if Cyanoacrylate is free of Formaldehyde. Unfortunately, this is technically not possible. Formaldehyde must be used in a pre-manufacturing-process, otherwise a Cyanoacrylate adhesive couldn’t be produced. During the purification and distillation phase almost all Formaldehyde is taken out again, but impurities will always remain. Thus nobody can claim that Cyanoacrylate is free of Formaldehyde. What can be said is that no Formaldehyde is used as a stabiliser in the formula. This is by the way valid for all Cyberbond Cyanoacrylate Adhesives.

d) Additives:
Both CA series contain additives which make the polymerised product performing extremely well in terms of humidity resistance. This is the reason that bonded lashes normally last longer than with other CAs.

e) Colour Indication:
there is a colour indication for the various products on the top of the overcap. This colour indication is not mandatory, can be changed individually.

But these are the factory adjusted colour codes:

II. Additional Programme – Cosmetic Approved

1. Cyanacrylat Conditioner CB 600

CB 600 is a solvent based Conditioner for degreasing and preparing natural eyelashes before bonding with Cyanoacrylates.

The Conditioner is applied e.g. onto a cotton swab. Cleaning is done by positioning the cleaning aid on both sides of the natural hair, then gently moving it away from the body.  After the cleaning process the solvent of CB 600 must evaporate from the surface. Under normal environmental conditions, an airing time of at least 3 minutes has to be considered.

The advantages of using CB 600 Conditioner are:

  • Curing time of the adhesive: quick and easy
  • Cleaning: removes normal pollution, body-own fat etc.
  • Preparing: prepares a defined surface for subsequent bonding with Cyberbond cyanoacrylates, especially also after the use of Cyberbond CB 900 Cyanoacrylate Remover

2. Cyanacrylat Remover Gel CB 900

CB 900 softens, dissolves and removes Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

  • General advantage: non-combustible liquid
  • Appearance: CB 900 comes as a Gel which allows a better control of application and a longer dwell time
  • Flowing behaviour: CB 900 doesn’t wick away

3. CB Cosmetic Adhesive Applicator DT COS

In order to apply e.g. the Octylester CB 800 with the necessary care onto the skin, our Cosmetic Adhesive Applicator DT COS is a great support. A drop of adhesive is applied out of the vial or bottle to a flat surface. By squeezing the soft Applicator some glue is sucked back. Then the adhesive can be applied directly out of the Applicator onto the skin. The rectangular finish of this special applicator helps to distribute the glue with maximum accuracy.

  • Performance: disposable applicator for one time use
  • Design: soft plastic, rectangular finish for easy to manage distribution of the glue


III. Product table


IV. Pictures



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