New pin cap for Cyberbond’s cyanoacrylates

At this year‘s Bondexpo, Cyberbond presented the new pin cap for its cyanoacrylate bottles, and therewith consistently continues that successful approach started several years ago to offer a professional and unique pin cap.

Looking just at the optical characteristics, it seems, at first glance, that not much has changed in comparison to the current cap. As before, the cap combination is available in yellow and colourless. The distinctive colouring at the outer end of the cap remains the same; however, a small coloured ball replaces the former coloured „knob“ – an elegant solution, as we believe. Furthermore, the new cap appears to be more slender because of its conicity.

A barely visible improvement is located in the closing mechanism. At the lower end and inside of the cap, detent cams with two end points positioned opposite each other can be found. When screwing the cap onto the adapter, the capping process is completed when the end points reach the limit stop on the outer side of the adapter. This ensures a safe closing and sealing of the bottle without need to observe a pre-defined torque value.


These are the features of the new closure:

  • elegant outfit
  • colour coding by means of a little plastic ball
  • safe sealing
  • precise needle tip
  • Cyberbond dosing tips DT „M“ und DT „S“ can be attached
  • bottle already open and ready-for-use
  • plastic needle protects the tip from clogging
  • easy disposal (all plastics, no metal/plastics combination)
  • unique


Download PDF

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