Cyberbond Cyanoacrylates

In the following PDF tables you will find our Technical Data Sheets (TDS) of the actual product group. We have decided to concentrate ourselves on the most relevant information such as viscosity in mPa*s, strength figures in N/mm2 and/or Nm, setting times in sec or min. With this we avoid also redundancies. There is no doubt that we could also publish much more and different figures which occur – if we stay for the time being at viscosities – in the case you:

  • change the temperature range during measuring from e.g. 20 °C to 25 °C,
  • switch over to a complete different method (Brookfield vs. Cone/Plate)
  • use another spindle or a different cone,
  • change the revs,
  • etc.

The lab technicians have got a lot of possibilities to create various figures. That we do not misunderstand us: this is their profession and it is also necessary work. But would all this information help you as a user to solve your bonding problem quickly? We do not believe so, because all these figures could lead you to misinterpretations and wrong solutions.

If the mentioned figures are not sufficient for you to solve a concrete problem, just let us know. We can provide you with more relevant information or, even better, with customer oriented figures.

Technical Data Sheets

Power-drop Ethylester

CB2004_TDS_EN_20191021.pdf 162 K
CB2605_TDS_EN_20201123.pdf 162 K
CB2003_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K

Elastomer and Plastic Ethylester

CB2800_TDS_DE.pdf 183 K
CB2008_TDS_DE.pdf 162 K
CB2006_TDS_DE.pdf 162 K
CB2011_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K
CB2028_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K
CB2077_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K
CB1603_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K

Neomer Technology modified Ethylester

CB2600_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K
CB2610_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K
CB2150_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K
CB2999_TDS_EN.pdf 162 K

xtraflex (rubber toughened) modified Ethylester


Metal modified Ethylester


Low Odour Alkoxyester