Cyberbond UV and Light Curing Adhesives

UV-curing adhesives are one component, solvent free and mainly cold curing systems. These products cure quickly by means of UV-light. Generally the whole system functions in the following way. The liquid adhesive, called monomer, is filled with photo-initiators. When these initiators are activated by light they turn into so-called radicals and the polymerisation process starts. The base for most UV adhesives are acrylics or epoxies.

Cyberbond’s new generation of UV curing adhesives is based on the Acrylic technology. The optimal wave length is at 395 nm. Purposely we go in between the UVA and visible light section. On the one side this allows the light to shine through transparent but UV light absorbing plastics. On the other side the shelf life of the adhesive is still not too critical.  

Cyberbond UV adhesives cure really effective by means of the LINOP U 400 curing device. This unit in the typical LINOP design (white housing, flexible arm to carry the lamp, ergonomically design at an angle for easy viewing of the electrical display panel, PLC interface etc) is equipped with the Cyberlite® LED lamp for very fast curing.


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