Cyberbond 9999 – Cleaner and Degreaser

CB 9999 is an ozone friendly universal Cleaner for metals. Oil, grease and dirt quite often prevent perfect bonding and for this reason metal parts that have to be bonded should be cleaned and degreased. Simply apply CB 9999 on the dirty parts, allow the product to ‘work in’ briefly and then wipe it off. CB 9999 is also suitable for removing residues of adhesives and sealants. In addition to that it is also is a very good brake cleaner.
Quite often plastics are dissolved by solvent based cleaners. Therefore, before application of CB 9999 it is worth checking that the product is suitable for the process. It should not be applied on varnish or leather. One could use alcohol, acetone, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

The product is available in:

500 ml Aerosol                                                                      12 pieces
5l plastic container                                                                
1 piece

For more information see also the „Technical Data Sheet (TDS)”

Technical Datesheets


128 K


128 K