Cyberbond MMA Adhesives

In order to grow our business we want to widen our product portfolio. But how to start?

The so called MMA adhesives (Methyl Methacrylates) fit very well in our structural adhesive programme of Cyanoacrylates, UV- and anaerobic adhesives and complete this portfolio.

In order not to overwhelm anybody we decided to start with 6 grades, which we only offer in 50g (1:1 ratio; 2 x 25g) cartridges so far. We offer products which are more elastic and some which are really structural.

Our advantages are:

  • formulation without toxic accelerator system
  • even and complete polymerisation also at thicker layers
  • no influence due to metal ions
  • formulation without acid contents; therefore no corrosion
  • good chemical resistance
  • good strength performance at temperature loads (-40 to 120 °C)
  • no brittleness, no softening
  • good elongation and peeling properties
  • bonds also carbon fibre


Systematic of our new MMA range



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