Cyberbond – An Openly Communicating Company

Human beings do not favour change. One puts up with the status quo despite the danger of missing out on the possible advantages offered by a new supplier. Two examples come to mind that are from many: A new product is not released from a technical point of view even though it meets the requirements of the application. Thus purchasing is degraded to a simple disposing department for the particular new article and they become voluntarily dependent on one supplier. Another example is that a buyer pushes for lower prices from the current supplier by hinting that a competitor offers better conditions – without even intending to give the new supplier a chance. This is particularly dissatisfying for the new vendor but there is little one can do about it. Cyberbond always tries to operate by communicating enthusiastically with all the relevant business partners involved on a project. This kind of communication requests participation of you the customer. In doing so everyone will benefit in the long run. Conclusion:

We communicate openly!