Cyberbond – An Innovative Company

These days it is more important than ever to direct ones resources in the right direction. This is true not only for the development of new adhesives but it also about consumer-friendly packaging, dosing units and curing systems. Some new developments are presented here showing Cyberbond’s innovation.


  • xtraflex Cyanoacrylates: these are partly flexible Cyanoacrylates with very good resistance in temperature and ageing.
  • Neomer Cyanoacrylates: Cyanoacrylates that react very well with acid surfaces such as wood, leather and cardboard.
  • Dyed and fluorescent Cyanoacrylates: products that allow visual / optic control.
  • Cyanoacrylate: for bonding Styrofoam and TPE
  • Cyberbond Powerdrop Mix Set: a 2-k Cyanoacrylate fast and powerful molding into shape repair kit
  • Cyberbond TT 69: an anaerobic adhesive and sealant which includes 4 properties in 1 product; sealing threads and flanges, retaining e.g. bearings and locking threads


  • Cyanoacrylate needle cap: Non-clog tips that are open and ready for use
  • Cyanoacrylate soft bottles: allow ergonomical / user-friendly handling
  • Flexible tube: a special alloy allows a slight sucking affect when applying cyanoacrylates.
  • Dispenser pump gel: offers innovative clean application of anaerobic thread locker gel
  • Powerdrop vial: small and soft vial for Cyanoacrylates and anaerobic adhesives

Dosing and Curing Equipment:

  • LINOP dosing unit: ergonomically designed control unit with an innovative flexible arm for holding a valve or an LED light: it is PLC-compatible and allows exact digital adjustment of pressure for precise application.
  • LINOP Cyberlite4 S: a LED spot light for economically curing UV adhesives.
  • LINOP Cyberlite 400 S: a LED flood light for economically curing UV adhesives.


We are innovative!