10 years of Cyberbond Europe

Surely it was not an easy decision that persuaded Uli Lipper, Dieter Rademacher and Holger Bleich to establish Cyberbond in Europe officially on the 3rd May, 1999 together with Cyberbond LLC, USA. Nevertheless it was the correct or one could say the absolutely right decision we made. When there was a concentration of cyanoacrylate and anaerobic adhesives at that point in time and a gap in the market appeared at the end of the 1990s that Cyberbond wanted to fill in as effectively as possible. Although still not performing perfectly  due to the given diversity of the market, 10 years of doing business also proves that we have done some things right.

Success is mainly based on a good relationship with partners that perform. Yet, to gain their trust is not so easy. Looking back 10 years one remembers a story or two about them. One interesting fact about our partners should be mentioned at this point being representative for many others and should be regarded as a piece of advice for imitating (potential) ones. Those partners who were recruited quickly in fact co-operated a lot slower than expected or not at all but sometimes we understand why. However, other partners who were regarded as unlikely business associates developed into our preferred partners.

The path leading into self-employment is not an easy one at all. Yet, a suitable concept helps make good progress. Additionally, a great deal due of experience due to past working experience helped immensely. However, focusing on cyanacrylates, anaerobics, UV-curing adhesives, a tight additional range of primers, activators and D-bonders plus the LINOP dosing systems combined with the know-how in usage are the main components for successful enterprise.  While many other companies add more and more products to their range and then lose focus on their strengths, Cyberbond aims to concentrate on its core business. If we added something new like the LINOP UV curing unit based on LED light, then the article should not only be seen as an individual product but one that fits in with our complete range of products.

Besides the focus on products as a basis to participate in the business at all, the prime objective is to be customer-orientated in order to survive in the market. Naturally, not all wishes can be fulfilled. But Cyberbond was able to offer lots of positive solutions for many customers and it has to be stressed that these projects didn’t bring huge profit but offered solutions that supported our customers directly.

Business does not work without interpersonal contacts. Projects can only be succeeded with (potential) customers when commonly run, never on one’s own. Therefore, values like open and sincere communication, team spirit and co-operation are not only true within our company but these are virtues that we follow towards our customers.

Suppliers are another component to success. With many of them we have worked together from day 1 and they have stayed by our side. We were able to conclude many projects thanks to the close co-operation and relationship with our suppliers. We managed together to build something independently. In this context our main supplier of raw material must be mentioned as well as the newly developed CA needle caps, the new soft CA bottle or the LINOP dosing and curing technique. All these things are not only geared to market requirements but are also aimed at strengthening the Cyberbond trade brand.

In writing this letter we would like to thank our partners and suppliers very much for their excellent and rewarding co-operation during the last 10 years and naturally we are looking forward very much to extending our productive relationship during the next 10 years!

On behalf of all employees at Cyberbond we wish you and all those who might join us a bright and successful future

Yours sincerely,

Uli Lipper                       Dieter Rademacher                        Holger Bleich                                           

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