Cyberbond UV’CA

As the name tells you UV’CAs are Cyanoacrylates which cure by moisture but also by exposing them to UV light. This can be interesting when you have a surplus of adhesive which normally has to be cured by means of activator. As you know the activator contains Amine which not only currently is due to its toxicity properties under pressure. Also nobody like to use solvents in a production process due to working safety and environmental issues. For this reason we see a good opportunity in the all over industry in general, but in the screen producing industry (milling, screen printing, sieving) in specific (see Frame Fast range).

But also other applications can be of interest. We are thinking e.g. of the cosmetic packaging industry.


For the beginning we offer yellow 20g and 500g bottles. Products can be applied manually or via our LINOP Dispensing Equipment, curing is done by the Cyberlite 4S or 50S.




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