Potential Dangers UV

UV LED lights are classified according to EN 62471: 2008 (photo-biological safety of lights and light systems). There are differences between the classification of visible and UV light concerning the wave lengths compared to DIN 5031, chapter 7 (see chapter UV and light-curing adhesives, point 2). DIN 5031 defines UV light from 100 to 380 nm whereas EN 62471 determines the range between 100 to 400 nm. This is because the biological and the dermatological effect of UV light on eyes and skin is judged very strictly.

The Cyberlite4 lamp also emits a proportion of UVA light (according to EN norm), as its spectrum is between 380 nm to 440 nm. Therefore, to protect oneself against this light, suitable protective equipment should always be used.

According to EN 62471, Cyberlite4 is classified as risk group 3 with the additional notice “Visible and invisible LED radiation.  Exposure to eye and skin by stray radiation must be avoided! Read operating instructions carefully!” Additionally, a UV symbol is affixed. Short-wave light such as UVB or UVC is not released.




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