LINOP M 600 Dosing unit

General comments

The newly created LINOP M 600 is addressed to applications when only very little amounts of liquids or pastes are used in progress (compared to the overall consumption). This unit is also ideal for sporadic applications.  It is equipped with a cartridge that can be filled by the user. The other units like LINOP M 2000 or LINOP M 1500 are operated with a pressure pot and a 500g bottle.

LINOP M 600 is most suitable when used as a laboratory unit or in low volume production and it is mainly used for manual applications. The range of Cyberbond adhesives can ideally be applied with the UV- and light curing systems. Cyanoacrylates should not be used as the bonding of the plunger is possible.

In order to compensate the static pressure that is in every liquid, the device is additionally equipped with a vacuum valve. The effect is that a slight vacuum is created after each dosage (pressure/time impulse) which hinders the product to overrun.
The whole range of LINOP dosing units (LINOP M 2000 – electro-magnetically PLC control / LINOP M 1500 – electro-pneumatically PLC control and the above mentioned LINOP M 600) is based on the same concept and the characteristics of the units are almost identical.



LINOP M 600 is the most recently developed dosing unit for Cyberbond reactive adhesives based on the latest findings in microelectronics. The features are:

  • Microprocessors for all control system
  • Operating mode switchable from single impulse to permanent impulse and vice versa
  • Low voltage 24 V, external power pack ~ 230 V
  • Start signal is processed potential-free
  • Wide range of dosing times (0, 01 to 99, 99 sec.)
  • Exact electronic pressure control  (0,01 to 2,00 bar)
  • 5 memory locations for individual time- and pressure control
  • Integrated cartridge holder with flexible arm
  • Suitable for viscosities up to about 100.000 mPa*s

Operation (short version)

The unit must be connected to electricity and compressed air (max. 8 bar).The cartridge filled with a medium is slid into the holder on the flexible arm. It is important that the cartridge is sealed with a plunger. After that the compressed air adapter is fixed on the cartridge. Now time and pressure can easily be set via the display. The value of the vacuum can be chosen by an adjusting screw on the rear side. If you turn the screw clock-wise the vacuum will become stronger and so will the sucking effect and vice versa.

Vacuum adjusting screw
Cartridge holder
compressed air adapter


Technical Data

  • Power supply                                       24 V
                                                                  external power pack ~ 230 V 50 Hz/60 Hz
                                                                  power 4 W
  • Dosing time range                                0,01 – 99,99 sec. in steps of 0,01 sec
  • Compressed air supply                         maximum 8 bar
  • Product pressure range                        0,00 – 2,00 bar
  • Starting signal                                       potential-free contact or transistor (max. 24 mA)
  • Empty alarm                                         capacitive sensor with shutter function, pnp
  • Dimensions                                          170 x 110 x 280 mm (w x h x d)
  • Housing material                                  plastic
  • Weight                                                 approximately 2,2 kg