LINOP Cyberlite 4 S


The Cyberlite4 S LED lamp is operated by the LINOP U 400 control unit. As from 2016, the LINOP U 500 can also be used as a base control unit.

The Cyberlite4 S UV LED light is a very powerful and compact LED curing lamp. Cyberlight4 S works best at 395nm wavelength. For safety reasons, Cyberlite4 S is equipped with a temperature sensor that interrupts the flow of electricity as soon as the temperature of the light exceeds 60°C. Cyberlite4 S is controlled by the LINOP U400, LINOP U 450 or LINOP U 500 control units.

Cyberlite4 S can easily penetrate transparent plastics as well as UV opaque plastics. A successful and very fast bonding is achieved when the adhesive corresponds with the wavelength of 395nm. Furthermore, Cyberlite4 S is equipped with a lens system (LINOP Lens) to focus the light. As an option, an extension attachment (LINOP LWL) is available. With the aid of an approx. 30 cm long flexible fibre-optic cable, one can bring the light even closer to the place of application.

The ‘S’ stands for sensor technique. There is a constant control indicating whether the individual LED lamps connected to the unit are actually working and whether the lamps are emitting sufficient light. This guarantees maximum production security.


Technical Data LINOP Cyberlite 4 S

Peak Wave length approx. 395 nm
Light spectrum approx. 380 to 440 nm
Intensity of light, distance 10 mm approx. 350 mW/cm2
Intensity of light, area approx. 20 x 20 mm approx. 270 mW/cm2
Intensity of light, area approx. 60 x 60 mm approx. 14 mW/cm2
Of that in UVA range (380 to 400 nm) approx. 1/3
Of that in visible light range (> 400nm) approx. 2/3
Working temperature – 25 °C to 60 °C
Power input 5 W
Limits max. 700 mA constant
respectively 1,000 mA peak
Control unit LINOP U 400, 1 exit 4,6 V / 600 mA – 2.76 W
Service life > 15,000 hours
Housing Material Aluminium
Weight Cyberlite4 approx. 60 g
Weight Cyberlite4 S approx. 65 g
Measurements Cyberlite4 approx. 63 x 20 x 20 mm
Measurements Cyberlite4 S approx. 70 x 20 x 20 mm


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