LINOP Design

The concept:

On one hand, our customers require state-of-the-art micro processed dosing, (also UV curing device) to be used as either a compact tabletop unit, or as an integrated part of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled line of production. On the other, as Cyberbond we wanted to develop this further for our customers and offer a very easy-to-use, clearly defined design for all Cyberbond LINOP devices.

The result:

LINOP M 2000, LINOP M 1500LINOP M 600 and LINOP U 400 achieve all of the required tasks within a production environment perfectly and we are very proud of the successful design of the current generation of LINOP equipment.

The units are always based on the same white housing with flexible arm. When the LINOP is used as a tabletop unit, the innovative flexible arm can carry the valve or the UV lamp. This means that the worker has both hands free to hold the mating parts as necessary. With this integrated design there is no requirement for the suitable positioning of the valve or the UV lamp. It is already done.

When the need arises to integrate the LINOP into a PLC, all of the necessary electrical sockets are available. In total, 4 valves or 4 lamps in parallel can be run. With this sort of set-up the flexible arm can be neglected.

Another feature is the ergonomically designed electrical display panel. This angular design allows for easy viewing of the panel.

Furthermore, the microprocessor-controlled system allows an adjustment of the relevant figures to a tenth of a percent. The whole system is very easy to use and up to five different programmes can be stored.