LINOP UV Accessories

LINOP Splitter


LINOP Power Cords

To connect the Cyberlites with the LINOP U 400 unit, Cyberbond offers an option of 2 electrical cords which differ in length. The standard version is a cable of 0.46 m with rectangular connectors, the long version is 2 m with straight contacts. Any other length can be ordered as a custom made design.



LINOP Lenses

The Cyberlite4/Cyberlite4 S is equipped with a set of lenses. With regards to the Cyberlite4 S the sensor technique is also covered. The one side of a set of lenses is round (standard) the other side is square. The lenses are mounted in order to focus the LED light in a perfect way. The smaller square orifice bundles the light more than the larger round one.



Pictures of U 400

Cyberlite4 with lens (round or square)
Cyberlite4 S with Lens S (round)
LINOP Splitter (LED light manifold)
LINOP U 400 complete with Cyberlite4 and cable 0.46 m
LINOP U 400 rear view
Cyberlite4 with lens, square orifice