Cyberbond 9060 D-Bonder Series – Remover of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

The CB 9060 D-Bonder series softens, dissolves and removes Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. In contrast to traditional solvents the product is notable for its almost non-combustibility (flashpoint 123° C).

CB 9060 D-Bonder series is designed for use with the Cyberbond line of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. The products are colourless. CB 9060 and CB 9065 are liquid; CB 9066 comes as a Gel which allows a better control of application and a longer dwell time.

to clean dosing equipment Viscosity
Density g/cm3 Flashpoint °C Appearance
CB 9060 3 – 10 1,2 123 colourless, transparent
to clean surfaces, clothing etc. Viscosity
Density g/cm3 Flashpoint °C Appearance
CB 9065 3 – 10 1,2 123 colourless, transparent
CB 9066 35.000 – 45.000 1,2 123 colourless, transparent



The product is available in:

20 ml plastic bottle                                                           20 pieces
20 ml plastic bottle                                                           10 pieces
500 ml plastic bottle                                                         1 piece
5 l plastic container                                                          1 piece

For more information see also the Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Technical Datesheets

TDS_9060_uk_2013.pdf 98 K