Powerdrop® Mix Set: Powerdrop®1210 + Powerdrop®Filler P (Kopie 1)

This is the new Powerdrop®Mix Set:

  • Powerdrop®1210 Cyanoacrylate adhesive,
  • Powerdrop®Filler P (white filler). P stands for Polymer in contrast to other mineral based fillers. 

And this is what it is all about.

The main target of the Powerdrop®Mix Set is to get a compound for the following repairing purposes:

  • moulding into a shape
  • levelling
  • filling
  • fixing
  • bonding

You fill some Powerdrop®Filler P in a mixing plate. Then you add more or less the same quantity of Powerdrop®1210 on the Powerdrop®Filler P and start mixing all this by means of a mixing stick. Immediately you will get a kind of paste. When this compound is still too liquid, add more Powerdrop®Filler P and vice versa. For a proper mixing you should need about 30 seconds. Depending on the mixing ratio you will have an open time of about 2 minutes to put the ready mixed paste in place and mould it. After about 4 minutes you reach working strength. After about 2 hours you are able to grind and paint the white polymerised compound.  Full polymerisation is achieved after 24 h.

There is no special ratio required. The more Powerdrop®Filler P you add the quicker the setting time and the higher the viscosity will be and vice versa.

Of course the Powerdrop®Mix Set can also be used for bonding purposes. Then you are able to bride gaps up to 0.7 mm.

The Powerdrop®Mix Set should not be used for applications where glass is involved. When it comes to PE, PP, PTFE or Silicon we strongly recommend using our Primer CB 9056.

The Cyberbond Powerdrop®Mix Set contains:

  • 8 g of Powerdrop®1210 (Cyanoacrylate Adhesive)
  • 7.8 g of Powerdrop®Filler P (White Filler; bottle with pale yellow label and yellow cap combination)
  • 4 plastic mixing plates
  • 4 wooden mixing sticks

All will come in a white cardboard box.