Cyberbond Frame Fast® – Activators for Frame Fast® Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Frame Fast® FF 303 (liquid) und FF 304 (Spray) (base: acetone / heptane mixture) accelerate the polymerization of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. The use of Cyberbond Activators is necessary when there are:

  • adverse environmental conditions (dry air, cold),
  • bigger gaps that need bridging,
  • inactive materials involved (does not replace Cyberbond Primer 9056).

Activator can be applied in two different ways:

  • Pre-application: Apply activator to one side of the parts to be bonded and allow it to evaporate. Apply Frame Fast Adhesive to the other mating part, assemble quickly and let the adhesive polymerize.
  • Post application: This application is made possible by using a suitable spray valve. Spray a small amount of activator onto the surface of the remaining and non-cured adhesive and allow complete polymerization of the adhesive. To achieve a smooth adhesive surface, ensure Activator is sprayed from a suitable distance (approx 30 cm).

aerosol spray

chemical base


FF 303

aliphatic hydrocarbons, acetone

propane butane




chemical base

FF 304

aliphatic hydrocarbons, acetone