Cyberbond Cyanoacrylates

Cyberbond Cyanoacrylate Adhesives were introduced in 1997. It is our target to offer industry optimised products. The variety of different requests is immense and we as a producer have to try to fulfil our customers’ wishes. Therefore we have established a certain systematic product range that is as follows: (Standard grades are in brackets):

Powerdrop series

(standard: CB 2605):
These are carefully stabilised products with very good shelf life properties. Due to their all-round features they are very suitable for hobby and DIY applications.

Elastomer and plastic series

(standards: CB 2008, CB 2006, CB 2028, CB 2077):
Here we are talking about very fast setting industrial Cyanoacrylates that bond rubber and plastics to themselves and in any combination. These grades have excellent ageing resistance. The Cyanoacrylate you finally choose will depend first of all on the viscosity. As a rough guide you can say: the higher the viscosity, the slower the setting time, which allows more time for slight adjustments while bonding. Some products of this series have the USP Class VI approval. These credible products can be used in medical device applications that finally come into contact with the human body, respectively used inside the body.

Neomer series

(surface insensitive CA; standards: CB 2610, CB 2150):
This product group has the distinction of being fast setting on acidic surfaces such as wood, cardboard, paper, tanned leather etc. A standard Cyanoacrylate would be soaked by these materials or would polymerize extremely slowly. A neomer based product contains an “internal accelerator, respectively primer” which compensates for this drawback. The higher viscosity neomer based products are more suitable for bonding ceramic, china etc. perfectly.

Xtraflex series

(standard: CB 2241, CB 2240):
We subsume the so-called partly flexible Cyanoacrylates in this series. Xtraflex Cyanoacrylates are used for dynamic and temperature loaded bonds. The xtraflex products also show a very good impact resistance. Very good results can be seen with metal to rubber or metal to plastic joints. Products out of this series withstand climatic, salt spray and cataplasma tests. The products are either black or transparent / opaque. Some types are ISO 10993 approved.

Metal series

(standard: CB 1070):
In general a Cyanoacrylate adhesive is not that suitable to bond metal to metal, because invariably you can only bond small surface areas and cannot bridge larger gaps. It is different if you want to bond plastic or rubber to metal. These applications are pre-destinated for products out of this metal series. These products combine a mixture of two different properties; they reach very good adhesion results on metals without losing their perfect features on rubber or plastic.

Low Odour series

(standard: CB 5008):
These products are very pleasant for the user as they do not have the strong recognisable odour of the afore-mentioned ethylester based products. Another advantage is the low blooming characteristic e.g. a disturbingly white blooming affect is avoided. Unfortunately, due to its chemistry the products reach lower strength properties than ethylesters.  

Medical series

(standard: CB 7000):
Products from this series are used for bonding skin. They are used on humans & animals. Cyberbond offers extremely highly purified butyl esters, which are sold via special medical orientated companies into the relevant markets. Also, due to the lesser aggressive reaction properties, these butylesters are very suitable to bond plastics that are prone to stress cracking, offering fewer problems than other esters.

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Frame Fast® Cyanoacrylate Range + Activator

Since its introduction, the Frame Fast® Adhesive System has been the standard for screen printers, milling professionals and industrial filter manufacturers throughout the world. These patented products are designed to bond various types of mesh to wood, aluminium and steel frames. We offer a wide range of Cyanoacrylate adhesives with varying attributes and viscosities. Various accelerators and screen adhesive removers complete the Frame Fast® line of products.

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