Cyberbond Anaerobic Adhesives

Cyberbond Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants are products well known in industry and within technical distributors. These products cure by metal contact and the exclusion of oxygen. The product programme is classified as follows:

T – Thread Locking
Threads, nuts and bolts are secured in the strength classes low, medium and high. Standard grades are: TM 44 and TM 66. Highlights include our pump gel products that are filled in a very easy to use dispenser. Standard: TT 44 Gel

R – Retaining
This product range concentrates on the high strength joining of cylindrical parts such as bearings, studs, bushes, shaft/collar connections etc. These applications are influenced very much by the need for certain viscosities dependent on the type of fit the application allows. Standards are: RL 67, RM 88, RH 98

S – Sealing of Threads
These grades are suitable for thread sealing. Depending on the dimensions of the threads and according to the manufacturing requirements one has to choose the most suitable product. Standards are SH 22, SH 27 (German DVGW Gas approval) and SM 77

S – Sealing of Joints (Instant Gaskets)
Joints can be sealed against various media by means of an anaerobic instant gasket. Standard is SH 58


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