Activator Cyanacrylate Quickstep CB 9040-9080

A new accelerator for cyanoacrylates

In cooperation with the University of Braunschweig, Cyberbond has developed a new accelerator system for cyanoacrylates.

The conventional active ingredient could be replaced by a fully harmless polymer substance whose individual components are even partially used in the food industry.

Although the use of solvents, as described above, could not be avoided, the task was resolved as follows:

The new activator substance is filled into a 500 ml bottle as a concentrated substance. It is slightly blue-coloured, making it easy to see what is in the bottle. The colour has no negative effect on the curing of the adhesive. The bottle exactly contains as much as active substance as requried for a preparation of 500 ml.

The user adds the locally purchased acetone to the bottle containing the activator substance and shakes the mixture well. The preparation is ready for use after a few minutes. An underfillig or overfilling the bottle with acetone has no effect on the final product.


  • The bottle with the activator substance can be transported and even airfreighted without hesitation, because it is no dangerous good in terms of transport.
  • A safety data sheet is not required as the product is in no way a hazardous good and can be regarded as a solid.
  • According to the current legislation, the activator substance is completely safe; it causes no harm to the user and has no effect on the later application. It is predestined for the use in applications in medical and food sectors.
  • Acetone is available worldwide, thus it is not necessary to send it around the world.
  • The adhesive generally cures a little more flexible as with the use of standard activators, without generating significant losses of hardness.


For such a great idea we needed also a unique brand name. We came to the conclusion that Quickstep is such a name. Not only that it sounds friendly, active and classical (dancing), it also describes what the product is doing: It accelerates your work, makes your working steps quicker!

We will be launching two different Quickstep activators:

CB 9040 Quickstep
This is the pure blue-coloured concentrate in a 500 ml plastic bottle. As already specified above, CB 9040 can be shipped without hesitation. The user just has to add the acetone himself in order to dissolve the concentrate.
Advantage: no hazardous good in terms of transportation; suitable for customers getting their products by airfreight.
Special feature: Labelling of CB 9040 Quickstep

  • The upper label is a so-called multilayer label. The front side gives details on the product description and the preparation of the end-product only. For the concentrate itself safety indications or hazard notes do not exist.
  • Only after filling in the acetone the front label must be removed. The now appearing label with its warning notices refers to the added acetone.

CB 9080 Quickstep
We produce the ready-for-use liquid mix of activator and acetone in our factory, like for example CB 9090 liquid. The shipping advantages as for CB 9040 cease to apply.
Advantage: the harmless activator ingredient does not afflict the user resp. the application (milling industry, medical products).


CB 9040 as well as CB 9080 are ISO 10993-5 approved. >> Show Approvals


Download PDF-Datasheet

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